Jeff’s Bio

Jeff Farias was a progressive talk-show radio host and producer. Born in Fall River, Massachusetts, he graduated from Brown University in 1982 with a BA in Organizational Behavior Management.
After college, Farias worked in New York City as a Broadcast Producer for Sawdon & Bess/AC&R advertising before becoming a researcher for the A&E documentary series “The Eagle and The Bear,” which looked at the history of US-Soviet relations through the prism of the Cold War. Fifty-two episodes aired on A&E. He also worked as a researcher on a 1989 episode of Dateline about the Tiananmen Square incident.
Radio career
In October 2003, Farias joined the local Howard Dean presidential campaign as an aide and met physician and radio personality Mike Newcomb who had a radio talk show called “The Dr. Mike Show.” That meeting led Farias to a job as producer for “The Dr. Mike Show” at KFNX, out of Arizona, from June 2004 to April 2005.
In 2005, Farias moved to the new Air America Phoenix Radio station featured at KXXT where he was given/developed a weekend show called the “Truth to Power Hour,” which he co-hosted with Arizona State Representative Kyrsten Sinema. In 2007, when KXXT was sold to a Christian broadcasting station, Jeff helped get progressive talk back/keep progressive talk on air in Phoenix at KPHX, where he became Director of Production & Programming.
In March 2007, Farias was given the afternoon drive slot at KPHX, during which he broadcast “The Jeff Farias Show,” a progressive radio show. As a talk show host, Farias has interviewed many political figures, including Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Alice Walker, Barbara Ehrenreich, John Pilger, Dahr Jamail, Joe Bageant, Michael Parenti, Frances A. Boyle, and Medea Benjamin.
In October 2008, on the eve of the Obama-McCain election, Farias, an old-school d/Democrat living in John McCain’s home state, became involved in a minor controversy. Media accounts differ, but either Farias left his position or was fired from Nova M Radio due to political disputes or mismanagement.
Shortly after, Farias reemerged with his own broadcast outlet at He later teamed with Roots Up Radio, an online radio station out of Madison, Wisconsin. “The Jeff Farias Show” also aired weekdays at Jerva Westwerort 91.1 in Stockholm, Sweden. His station’s weekend broadcasts are also aired in Louisville KY on WXBH 92.3.

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